Yukon Party Proposes All Party Committee to Examine Education Reopening Plan

WHITEHORSE – Today the Yukon Party Official Opposition sent a letter to Liberal Education Minister McPhee, calling on the government to recall the Legislature by August 6th to allow for the creation of an All-Party Select Committee to examine the Liberal government’s education reopening plan.

The committee could hear input from parents, teachers, and First Nation partners, as well as education and health experts to examine options for the upcoming school year and provide the government with recommendations.

“Over the course of the last several weeks, we have seen many indicators that the Liberal government missed more than a few steps in consulting, communicating, and implementing its education reopening plan,” said MLA Scott Kent, Official Opposition Education Critic. “This has created stress and confusion amongst parents and staff, and has led to ongoing protests as well as other forms of public opposition.”

These events have unfolded at a time while the government has been operating without democratic scrutiny, as the Liberals refuse to bring back the Legislature.

“The future education of our children is so important and if we get this wrong, it could have negative repercussions on students for years to come,” added Kent. “By bringing all parties together in a Select Committee to hear from parents and educators about what works and doesn’t work about the Liberals’ current plan, the hope is that the government could improve the plan going forward.”

In order to create the All-Party Select Committee, the Legislature would have to be reconvened. The Yukon Party previously proposed an All-Party committee to examine and provide recommendations on the government’s response to the pandemic, but the Liberals used their majority to shut that down.


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