Yukon Party Announces New Critic Roles

WHITEHORSE – The Yukon Party today announced new critic roles for the Official Opposition.

Stacey Hassard will remain Leader of the Official Opposition in the Legislative Assembly and will take on the new role of critic for Ethics and Accountability in addition to his role as critic for Highways and Public Works.

Scott Kent will remain House Leader and will take on the role of critic for Yukon Energy Corporation and Yukon Development Corporation in addition to his roles as critic for Education and Energy Mines & Resources.

Brad Cathers will remain Deputy House Leader will take on the new role of critic for Finance and Fiscal Sustainability while maintaining his critic roles for Democratic Institutions, Justice, Protective Services, and Agriculture. Cathers will also be moving onto the Standing Committee on Public Accounts which is the primary committee responsible for scrutinizing government spending and Auditor General reports.

Geraldine Van Bibber will take on the role as critic of the Executive Council Office, Public Service Commission, and Women’s Directorate while maintaining her critic role for Community Services.

Wade Istchenko will take on the new role of critic for Tourism and Economic Recovery while keeping his roles for the Yukon Liquor Corporation, Yukon Lottery Commission, and Environment.

Patti McLeod will take on the new role of critic for Housing and Land Development while maintaining her roles for Health and Social Services, and the Yukon Workers’ Compensation Health and Safety Board. McLeod will also take on the critic role for the French Language Services Directorate.


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