Statement from Currie Dixon on Ukraine Sovereignty and Russia’s Illegal War

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                                                             February 24, 2022

“I cannot help but think of the many Yukoners and Canadians with family or connections to the nation of Ukraine. It is truly disturbing that an otherwise peaceful, stable democracy is being invaded in an attempt at an illegal and immoral annexation. I share the concern for Ukraine and anger that Ukrainians’ rights, their right to choose their own future and their right to live free from war is being stripped away by Putin’s illegal invasion.

“Like many, I watched the large-scale, wholly unprovoked attack on Ukraine unfold, as well as the charade of an emergency UN Security Council meeting on the issue being chaired by Russia, the current Council President. The lesson we must learn again as a global community is that dictators, ultimately, must be dealt with like bullies.

“As a member of the international community, Canada must support our allies and the free democratic world by standing together and treating Russian leadership like the rogue nation state it has become. Russian political leaders and oligarchs must be sanctioned in Canada and across the globe to demonstrate that the modern world will not permit these actions to be taken; military actions that have not been seen in Europe for 80 years.

“Canada has traditionally been a reliable ally member of NATO. It is imperative that we bravely stand ready to live up to our treaty obligations to defend democracy, freedom and human rights from the cynical ambitions of a global dictator.

“As a first step, I urge the Canadian government to expel the Russian Ambassador. In addition, Canada should immediately levy the strongest possible economic sanctions against Russia and Russian entities that should include targeting Russia’s energy and financial sectors.