Minister Mostyn is Caught Bending the Truth. Again.

WHITEHORSE – On May 27th the Yukon News reported on documents they obtained through an Access to Information request which showed that the Minister of Highways and Public Works misled the Yukon Legislative Assembly.

On November 13th and November 27th, Minister Mostyn was asked whether or not the government was in discussions to take over the Salvation Army’s property along the Alaska Highway where the Adult Resource Center (ARC) was located. After ignoring the initial questions, he finally responded on November 27th, stating that the government was only looking to obtain the Airport Chalet.

According to the Yukon News, ATIPP documents show that the government had approached the Salvation Army to expropriate the ARC property as early as September 6th, 2019 – almost 3 months before Minister Mostyn misled the House.

This is not the first time Minister Mostyn has misled the Legislative Assembly. In 2017, the Minister was caught bending the truth about who he consulted with on the Airports Act. At the time he claimed he consulted with a number of organizations in the aviation industry and the City of Whitehorse. Both the City and the named organizations disputed this claim, forcing the Minister to pull his press release claiming these consultations took place off the website.

“The fact that this Minister continues to mislead the House not only calls into question his integrity, but also his competency to lead such an important department,” said Scott Kent, Official Opposition House Leader. “Unfortunately, bending the truth is becoming a trend under the Liberals, as the Premier was also recently called out by the diabetes community for breaking his promise to provide continuous glucose monitoring devices for all Yukoners.”


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