Liberals Vote Against Increased Democratic Oversight During a State of Emergency

During debate on October 28, the Liberal government voted down two Yukon Party Official Opposition amendments that would have increased oversight and democratic accountability of the Government of Yukon during a state of emergency.

These amendments would have required that future extensions of a state of emergency be subject to democratic oversight and debate. They also would have required that the Standing Committee on Statutory Instruments convene to call witnesses and study all Orders-in-Council and Ministerial Orders that have been passed under the auspices of the state of emergency.

“The Liberals have gone to great lengths to avoid transparency and democratic oversight so, while it is disappointing, we are not surprised they would use their majority to shut this down,” said Brad Cathers, Official Opposition Critic for Democratic Institutions. “This motion would have allowed for either the Legislature or a Legislative committee to provide much needed scrutiny and oversight of the undemocratic Liberal government.”

The exact wording of the amendments that the Liberals voted down stated that the House would support:

“Any future extensions of the current state of emergency being debated on in the Legislative Assembly prior to their implementation”

“Ordering that the Standing Committee on Statutory Instruments convene to review, call witnesses, and study all of the Ministerial Orders and Orders-in-Council issued during the state of emergency.”

The Yukon Party and the Yukon NDP supported the amendments. The Liberals used their majority to defeat them.


Tim Kucharuk
Press Secretary
(867) 393-7026