Liberals Unable to Say How Much Has Been Spent on COVID Response

WHITEHORSE – On July 29th during the government’s weekly press conference, the Premier was asked how much the Government of Yukon has spent on its pandemic response so far. He was unable or unwilling to provide an answer to this important question.

“It’s disappointing that the Premier is unwilling to tell Yukoners how much his Liberal government has spent on their COVID response,” said MLA Brad Cathers, Official Opposition Finance Critic. “For a government that promised Yukoners that they would be open and transparent, they are doing the opposite.”

This comes during a time when the Liberals have refused to allow democratic oversight of their spending by bringing back the Legislature, as well as shortly after they doubled their government’s debt limit to $800 million.

“Have the Liberals gone into further debt during the pandemic? Where has all the money been spent? These are questions that Yukoners deserve an answer to, and this requires democratic debate,” added Cathers. “Unprecedented spending and unprecedented restrictions on people’s lives should all be subject to public debate in the Legislative Assembly. The Liberals need to stop undermining our democratic institutions and recall the legislature now.”


Madison Pearson
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