Liberals Refuse to Rule Out $900 Health Care Premiums

WHITEHORSE – Despite many Yukoners already struggling to pay out of pocket for health services such as increased costs for medical travel, the Liberal government is currently consulting on whether or not Yukon should introduce health care premiums.

On the Engage Yukon website, the comprehensive health review survey floats the idea of charging Yukoners a $900 annual healthcare premium. For a two-person household that could mean $1800 a year in what is essentially a health care tax.

When the issue was raised in Question Period yesterday and today, the Liberals refused to rule out the option of imposing health care premiums on Yukoners, despite having ruled out certain fees and taxes on the floor of the Legislature in the past.

“The Liberals are trying to pass off their responsibilities to various unelected panels and commissions but they were the ones elected to make these decisions,” stated Patti McLeod, Official Opposition Health Critic. “The Liberals need to show leadership and rule out these massive new health care premiums today.”

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