Liberal Delays Result in Loss of Learning Spaces for Robert Service School

WHITEHORSE – Two portable classrooms at Robert Service School have been closed down due to the discovery of mould.

The issue of enrolment pressures in Dawson City were identified as a concern by parents back in 2017, leading the Official Opposition to raise the issue in the Legislature multiple times since then.

Instead of taking immediate action when these issues were first raised, the Liberals waited until the last possible minute to look into the state of the portables, and only notified parents of the mould 11 days before the start of this school year.

“The health and safety of the children attending this school is of the utmost importance and ensuring they are in a safe learning space is our number one priority,” stated Scott Kent, Official Opposition Critic for Education. “This issue could have been looked into and resolved well before the school year started, but instead the Liberal government’s heel dragging means that the community is out two essential classroom spaces as the school year begins.”

The Liberals have broken their campaign promise to get seasonally-dependent tenders out before March 31st each year, as well as on properly planning for school infrastructure to deal with aging buildings and growing enrolment pressures.

“There’s nothing more seasonally-dependent than having work on a school done well ahead of an incoming school year,” Kent added. “The consistent delays from the Liberals has not only lost Robert Service School their learning spaces, but just shows that the Minister of Education has once again dropped the ball on important school infrastructure.”


Madison Pearson
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