Premier Silver Abandons His Own Initiative in Favour of Trudeau Liberals

WHITEHORSE – Despite sending a letter to all federal party leaders only two weeks ago to seek their commitments to the North, ostensibly so he could decide which party will be best for Yukon, the Premier has decided to not wait or give anyone the opportunity to respond. On the afternoon of September 11th, only hours after the federal election began, CBC reported that the Premier has endorsed the local liberal candidate.

“At this point we are left wondering, what was the point of even sending the letter? It’s now clear to us the Premier was only pretending to care about which party will provide the best solutions for Yukon because instead of waiting for responses to this letter he simply sided with Prime Minister Trudeau,” said Stacey Hassard, Leader of the Official Opposition. “Not only is that disrespectful to the other three party leaders who received the letters, it just goes to show that Premier Silver and the Yukon Liberal government are more concerned about standing up for Trudeau than they are standing up for Yukoners.”

We have seen this approach before as Premier Silver’s very first decision in the job was to go to Ottawa to champion the Liberal carbon tax even though Yukoners are concerned that it will increase the cost of living in the North.


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