Liberals Take Territory Deeper into Debt Despite Increased Federal Funding

WHITEHORSE – This week the Yukon Liberal government tabled the 2020-21 territorial budget, and while they try to claim a rosy picture of the territory’s finances, it is simply to distract Yukoners from the fine print.

The budget documents show a $25 million increase from what the Liberals expected to get from federal transfers and what was actually received. Despite this last minute windfall from Ottawa, the Liberals’ irresponsible spending habits haven’t changed and expenses have continued to increase. 

“The Liberals have claimed many times that they had improved the budgeting process and that their estimates were more accurate,” stated Brad Cathers, Official Opposition Finance Critic. “However, if the Yukon Liberals hadn’t been bailed out with an extra $25 million from Ottawa, this small surplus would actually be a $21 million deficit.”

Last year, as a result of poor financial management by the Liberals, the government had $58 million in net debt. This year, the Liberals will plunge the territory’s finances into over $81 million in net debt.


Madison Pearson
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