Liberals Get Cold Feet On Better Building Program Again

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                                                November 30, 2021

WHITEHORSE – The Liberals continue to get cold feet on their marquee piece of Legislation, Bill No. 3 Act to Amend the Assessment and Taxation Act and the Municipal Act as they once again have backed down from bringing it for debate.

“The Liberals have completely bungled the consultation on this piece of legislation and the Minister has antagonized and strained relationships with Yukon municipalities as a result,” said Currie Dixon, Leader of the Official Opposition. “After bragging several times that they would bring this legislation forward for a vote, the Liberals have finally blinked and realized that this bill was going to be defeated as a result of the Minister’s failures on this file.”

For the entire 2021 Fall Sitting the Liberals have highlighted Bill No. 3 as a defining achievement of their government. Yet throughout the sitting they have also demonstrated that they are afraid to debate it and bring it to a vote in the Legislative Assembly.

On November 16, the Minister of Community Services proudly told the media that he would bring this legislation forward for a vote on November 18. That never came to pass.

Then in Question Period on November 29, the Minister told the Legislative Assembly that he would be bringing the legislation forward for a vote on November 30. On the evening of November 29, the Yukon Liberals began advertising graphics on social media stating that the legislation would be coming for a vote on November 30.

On the morning of November 30, the Government House Leader told Opposition Parties that the government would be bringing Bill No. 3 forward for a vote in the afternoon. Further, the assembly’s projected order of business for the day also includes Bill No 3.

However, late in the morning of November 30, the government finally realized that due to the Minister’s mishandling of the file it was doomed to be defeated.

“This has been the worst legislative sitting ever for a government,” added Dixon. “After the House called for the Deputy Premier to resign and the government barely survived a confidence vote, the Liberals have received a serious wake-up call that they are no longer a majority and able to just ram any legislation through the assembly.”

This lack of support for the legislation adds to a growing list of failures by the Minister of Community Services. During his time in office, he has botched changes to the Public Airports Act, consultation on rural solid waste stations, upgrades to the Alaska Highway at Hillcrest, and implementation of a First Nations Procurement Policy, midwifery regulations, and rent control. All due to a combative attitude, and unwillingness to listen to Yukoners.

By picking fights with municipalities and mishandling the consultation on this file, the Liberals and the Minister have put a worthwhile energy-saving program in jeopardy.


Tim Kucharuk
Press Secretary
(867) 393-7026