Liberals Attempt to Block Budget Debate

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                                                                          April 7, 2022

WHITEHORSE – The struggling Liberal government lost two votes this past week in the Yukon Legislative Assembly as they attempted to block opposition parties from debating their $2 billion budget.

The Liberals have attempted to play procedural games to limit the amount of time for budget debate by insisting on calling witnesses who are unable to speak to the $2 billion budget.

The opposition parties agreed that fully debating a territorial budget for the first time since 2019 was the most important thing for Yukoners.

The Liberals continue to act as if they are a majority government and refuse to work cooperatively with the opposition. This my-way-or-the-highway approach to the Yukon Legislative Assembly boiled over this past week, resulting in them losing two separate votes to the opposition.

The Liberals are out-of-touch with Yukoners and struggle to govern when they are required to work with others.


Tim Kucharuk
Press Secretary
(867) 393-7026