Yukoners to Be Taxed on Tax; All Carbon Tax Revenues Won’t Be Returned

WHITEHORSE - A leaked federal government document has confirmed that Yukoners will not get back all the revenue generated from the carbon tax scheme. This is a direct contradiction of the Premier’s promise.

The document, generated by the Library of Parliament, states that:

“The Pan-Canadian Framework includes the commitment that revenues from pricing carbon pollution will remain with the province or territory of origin.

These revenues do not include those in respect of the GST charged on products or services that may have embedded carbon pricing costs in them.”

It is estimated that the GST will take $1.3 million away from Yukoners as a result of the carbon tax. During the election, the Premier promised Yukoners that each individual would receive 100% of the money spent on the carbon tax back into their pockets.

“The total cost of the carbon tax scheme the Premier signed onto seems to be growing by the day. It is unfortunate that the Premier has agreed to this tax-on-a-tax which, when combined with the carbon tax, will take $27.3 million out of Yukon’s economy,” said Official Opposition House Leader Scott Kent. “We believe it is time for this Liberal government to stop cheerleading for Ottawa and start standing up for Yukoners to ensure that families are not double-taxed.”


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