Yukon Premier Fails to Stand Up for Yukoners Against the Carbon Tax

WHITEHORSE – Today Premier Silver agreed to bring in a new tax on Yukon families and businesses. In response to this, Stacey Hassard, Leader of the Official Opposition released the following statement:

 “It is disappointing to hear that Premier Sandy Silver did not take the opportunity to stand up for Yukoners and push for an exemption to the carbon tax in the North. 

“We were hoping to see Premier Silver put ideology aside and stand up against this carbon tax scheme that will have a negative impact on Yukon families and businesses by increasing the cost of everyday essentials such as groceries and fuel.

“At the end of the day, every Yukoner will be paying more for everything as a result of the Liberals’ carbon tax scheme.

“Now that the Premier is moving forward with his carbon tax, he owes it to Yukoners to be up front about the specific details of this scheme, and show exactly how this new tax on everything will impact families.

“As I have said before, Yukoners need to have their voice heard in Ottawa, not the other way around.”



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