Yukon Party Stands Up for Lawful Firearms Owners in Yukon

WHITEHORSE – Yesterday the Official Opposition tabled a motion in the Legislative Assembly bringing forward concerns raised by Yukoners on federal bill C-71, An Act to amend certain Acts and Regulation in relation to firearms.

The motion, tabled by MLA Wade Istchenko reads:

THAT this House urges the Government of Canada to:

(1) Recognize that federal bill C-71 will negatively impact lawful gun owners in Yukon;

(2) Commit to remove all provisions in Bill C-71 that create a new long-gun registry;

(3) Meaningfully consult with all Yukoners before passing any legislation that affects Yukon gun owners and;

(4) Provide more resources to police to focus gun-control efforts on criminals and gangs instead of lawful gun owners

“For many Yukoners hunting is a way of life, an important source of food, and an annual family and cultural tradition. The Official Opposition feels that the proposed changes in Bill C-71 do nothing to address the goal of reducing organized crime and gun violence in Canada while putting further burden on lawful gun owners such as hunters,” stated Istchenko. “We are also concerned with a provision of the bill that appears to provide for the back-door establishment of another long-gun registry. We hope that the federal Liberal government listens to the voices of Yukoners and consults with us before moving forward with legislation that will impact Yukon gun owners.”


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