Yukon Party and Yukon NDP to Merge as Part of Whole-Of-Opposition Collaborative Approach

WHITEHORSE – In order to assist the government’s ongoing search for efficiencies, the Yukon Party and the Yukon NDP are announcing a unique whole-of-opposition collaborative approach.

Key elements of this new collaborative approach are:

  • Breaking down partisan walls by literally breaking down the wall separating the two offices
  • Orange and blue striped painting
  • A new name to be determined by an expert panel, vetted by an expert working group, reviewed by an expert council, and eventually ignored by an expert Opposition.

“For too long there have been two of us, and with today’s move there will be one of us, made up of 8 of us… and 5 staff,” said Stacey Hassard interim co-Leader of the Official Opposition. “Opening up the space between our offices also allows us to form a collaborative partnership with our partners.”

The new expansive office space also necessitates the creation of different wings of the office: the left wing and the right wing. There will be a hub in the centre for constituents who are lost or unable to decide which wing is best for them.

“We are doing this in good faith,” said Liz Hanson interim co-Leader of the Official Opposition. “As we re-set the idea of opposition we are proud to say this path forward will repair many damaged relationships, over which we will shed no crocodile tears.”

Next steps will be to engage with Yukoners through the launch of a consultation.*

*The consultation will be conducted by email chain letter where recipients will be asked to forward it to 10 friends or they will receive 5 more years of Liberal Government.


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