Yukon Liberals Waste Taxpayers’ Money Redesigning Government Logo and Website

WHITEHORSE – Today, the Liberal Government launched a new “visual identity” for the Government of Yukon. This will require the entire government to switch to a new logo, colour scheme, and font in everything from emails, letters, and business cards to ads and brochures. These changes also apply to Travel Yukon’s Larger than Life brand. All public servants must now refer to a new 44 page instruction manual to explain how they adhere to the new guidelines.

The government’s press release estimates that the total cost of this project is $493,470. Although this cost is already very high, it does not appear to include the costs associated with:

  • Rebrand and redesign of all Travel Yukon television and print advertisements
  • Rebrand, redesign, and reprinting of all business cards, brochures, and letterhead
  • The employee hours dedicated to training and implementing pre-launch and post-launch

With these costs included, the dollars spent will likely be much higher than $500,000.

“At a time that the Liberals are taking Yukon into a deficit they have chosen to waste taxpayers’ money on a needless redesign of the Government logo and website,” said Brad Cathers, Official Opposition Critic for Finance. “This money could have been better spent on addressing hospital overcrowding or investing in community infrastructure.”


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