Yukon Liberals to Increase Alcohol Prices on Canada Day

WHITEHORSE – Documents obtained by the CBC indicate that the Yukon Liberals will be celebrating Canada Day this year by increasing the price of alcohol for Yukoners. One local business has indicated that this new price hike will cost them at least $3000/month.

This new alcohol tax, which is going to hurt small businesses, is coming out of nowhere and was not referenced in this year’s Budget.

“This new alcohol tax that the Liberals are trying to sneak in for Canada Day is outrageous, will hurt local businesses, and will simply make Yukoners pay more,” said Stacey Hassard interim Leader of the Official Opposition. “Not only are they doing this with no consultation, they tried to hide the news on a Friday afternoon only two weeks before Canada Day. I really wish the Liberals would stop dreaming about how they can increase taxes on Yukoners and start looking at ways to make life more affordable in the territory.”

Last year, the Liberals broke their promise to small businesses to eliminate the small business tax rate.


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