Yukon Liberals Contradict Own News Release on Procurement Promises

WHITEHORSE – The Official Opposition is asking the Yukon Liberals to explain contradictory statements about the status of the Procurement Advisory Panel recommendations. 

A news release issued by the government on April 3, 2018 states:

“The recommendations of the Procurement Advisory Panel have been implemented by the government…”

However in Question Period on April 4, 2018 when asked to provide details on this implementation, the Minister of Highways responded:

“We have committed to addressing the Procurement Advisory Panel’s reports by the end of 2018, and we are more than happy to do that. When that work is complete and we are all finished, we will certainly table the document that shows all of the good work that we have done.”

The Minister was then asked to explain whether the news release was correct and he avoided the question. This raises questions as to whether the Minister’s press release was wrong or whether the Minister is wrong.

“Unfortunately this isn’t the first time the accuracy of this Minister’s press releases have been called into question. It was just last fall when this same Minister was forced to pull a press release off the government website because it misrepresented who was consulted on the Airports Act,” stated Interim Official Opposition Leader and Highways Critic Stacey Hassard. “The Minister’s comments in Question Period directly contradict his press release and we are left wondering if the press release was wrong or whether the Minister simply isn’t aware as to what is happening on major files in his department.”

This confusion adds to the list of inconsistent information being given to Yukoners by this Liberal government. Last month the Minister of Highways stated the government’s 5 year capital plan identified the construction of a new Holy Family School. Less than 24 hours later the Minister of Education told the Legislative Assembly that this information was incorrect. Unfortunately the Liberal’s contradictory statements are creating uncertainty for the contracting community.


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