Yukon Liberals Continue to Cost Yukoners Money

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                                                   January 17, 2022

WHITEHORSE – Liberal policies are putting residents further behind and jeopardizing Yukoners’ long-term personal finances. Yukoners are paying more for necessities due to an increase in fuel prices, and that bill is bigger thanks to their carbon tax. 

According to the Yukon Bureau of Statistics' recent Fuel Price Survey, Whitehorse residents were paying 31 percent more in regular gasoline costs, and 27 percent more in diesel costs than in December 2020. Gasoline and diesel prices in rural Yukon were up between 21 percent and 35 percent. 

The survey says home heating fuel was also up. In Whitehorse, furnace oil increased over 21 percent, arctic stove oil was up almost 24 percent and propane was up 28 percent compared to December 2020. Home heating fuel was up between 15 and 26 percent in rural Yukon. 

The Yukon Party has criticized the Yukon Liberals for implementing their federal leader’s carbon tax policy and called for a ‘Made in Yukon’ solution to ease the cost of living for Yukoners. During the 2021 territorial election, the Yukon Party committed to negotiating a carbon tax exemption for home heating fuel similar to the negotiated exemption in the NWT. This exemption would leave more money in the pockets of Yukoners as they now encounter increases in gasoline and food costs not only because of the cost of fuel increases but supply chain shortages. 

Increased diesel costs jeopardize the cost of living for Yukoners with additional concerns surrounding the projected electrical costs for the 17 rented diesel generators in use by Yukon Energy, the costs of goods rising due to higher transportation costs, and construction costs on new homes.  


Tim Kucharuk
Press Secretary
(867) 393-7026