Yukon Liberals Break Key Election Promise on Procurement

WHITEHORSE - As we enter the second week of 2019, it’s clear now that the Yukon Liberals have broken a key election promise to Yukoners. 

The 2016 Liberal election platform committed to:

“As a priority implement the recommendations of the Procurement Advisory Panel Report in an accelerated manner, completing its implementation by 2018.”

“The Liberals’ inability to get anything done has become their trademark,” said Stacey Hassard, Leader of the Official Opposition. “The Liberals made a very clear promise to the contracting community that they would have all the Procurement Advisory Panel recommendations implemented by 2018. Well, it is now 2019 and all we have is another broken promise. It is clear now that this was just part of the Liberal strategy to say anything to get elected.”

In April 2018, a Liberal government press release falsely claimed that “the recommendations of the Procurement Advisory Panel have been implemented by the government.” Numerous times following this false statement, including during the Fall 2018 sitting, the Minister repeated his promise that all of the recommendations would be implemented by the end of year.

“It is unacceptable that this government and this Minister continually push procurement improvement to the back burner. It’s time for this government to show some accountability and take real action to support local contractors.”



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