Yukon Liberal Government Breaks Promise to Give 100% of Carbon Tax Back

WHITEHORSE – Today, the Premier made it clear that he has no intention to keep a key election promise to return every dollar spent by Yukoners on his carbon tax scheme. He further suggested that any Yukoner who believed this promise was naïve.

In an interview with CHON News on October 17, 2016, Liberal Leader Sandy Silver stated:

“If you look at the three platforms as far as that goes, 100 per cent stays in your pocket for Yukon Liberal Party, 50 per cent stays in your pocket for the NDP and as far as we understand none of that money will stay in your pocket if you’re voting for the Yukon Party.”

It is clear that, in order to get their vote, Premier Silver promised Yukoners that they would get 100% of their money back from the carbon tax.

Today in Question Period, the Premier told the House that “that was never the commitment” and suggested that any Yukoners that took him at his word are naïve for thinking that.

“Yukoners took the Premier at his word when he promised that 100 per cent of the carbon tax revenues collected would be returned to them,” stated Scott Kent Official Opposition House Leader. “It’s now clear he said one thing to get elected and now is doing something entirely different.”


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