Official Opposition Urges Government to Include All Communities in Yukon Energy Consultations

WHITEHORSE – Yukon Energy recently travelled to several Yukon communities as part of their consultations on their action plan to address the territory’s electricity needs to the year 2035. The Official Opposition is encouraging the government to consult every Yukon community on the proposed Yukon Energy Resource Plan as it will potentially impact all Yukoners.

“I attended the presentation in Haines Junction and it was very open and informative,” said Wade Istchenko, Opposition Critic for Yukon Energy Corporation and MLA for Kluane. “In the session, Yukon Energy indicated it would like the government to spend or borrow upwards of $300 million to help address future energy needs. As such a large capital expenditure would undoubtedly have impacts on all Yukon taxpayers, we think that all Yukon communities should be consulted on Yukon Energy’s proposal.”

Currently, the corporation has identified a medium industrial scenario as their preferred plan. As indicated in the supporting documentation, this will also require approximately $300 million from the Government of Yukon which will likely have to be borrowed, putting the territory at risk of going into debt.

“Yukoners certainly care about having sustainable, reliable energy, but they are also concerned about keeping costs down and taxes low.” Istchenko added. “While not all Yukoners are serviced by Yukon Energy, we believe that if the corporation is asking the government to spend $300 million and run a deficit, it concerns all Yukoners.”

Every community will be affected by this, and every community deserves to have their voice heard on the matter.


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