Yukon Cold Snap Raises More Questions for Premier Silver

WHITEHORSE – The recent frigid temperatures that hit Yukon over the past few weeks have raised a number of questions for Premier Silver about the impacts of his carbon tax scheme.

Last week temperatures in Whitehorse dropped to -37 and Yukon Energy saw its demand for electricity increase significantly. This peaked on December 30th when demand reached 1989 MWh (megawatt hours.) Of this, 21.4% was provided by fossil fuels.

In a cold climate Yukoners are required to heat their homes with energy generated from fossil fuels. The Premier’s carbon tax scheme is designed to make these fuels more expensive. For over a year the Official Opposition has been asking the Premier to provide Yukoners with an analysis of the impacts on the territory. For over a year the Premier has deflected and blamed while conducting no such analysis.

Yukoners need to know: What will the impacts of Premier Silver’s carbon tax scheme be on the electricity rates for Yukoners?

After over 400 days in office the Premier is still unwilling or unable to make decisions and provide answers to important questions. It’s time for the Premier to show some leadership.


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