YP Forces Liberals to Reconsider Changes to Individualized Education Plans

On Wednesday, during Opposition Private Members’ Business Day, the Yukon Party Official Opposition brought forward a motion for consideration by the Legislative Assembly regarding the shuffling of over 100 students from Individualized Education Plans. (IEPs)

Many Yukon families have expressed concern over the change from IEPs to Student Learning Plans or Behavioural Learning Plans.

The motion presented in the house Wednesday afternoon by Education Critic Scott Kent read as follows:

THAT this House urges the Government of Yukon to reconsider changes to the use of individualized education plans for students in Yukon and ensure that students who need additional support have appropriate resources.

During the two hours of debate, many of the Liberal members spoke against the motion. At one point, the Liberals tried to water down the motion and were defeated in a vote for the first time during their majority government. Eventually, the Liberals relented and agreed to support the Yukon Party motion asking the government to reconsider their changes to IEPs. The motion passed unanimously 17-0.

“Ideally, the Liberals would not have made this decision in the first place,” Education Critic Scott Kent said. “We are happy that we were successful in forcing them to rethink this as it will hopefully relieve some pressure on families who have been impacted by the Liberals haphazard move to reshuffle the parameters of IEPs.”

It is now up to the Liberal government to take a step back, actually hear the concerns from Yukoners on this matter, and keep the proper IEP parameters in place for affected families.


Tim Kucharuk
Press Secretary
(867) 393-7026