Week 5 Wrap Up

Liberal Government Leaves Carbon Tax Exemptions on the Table, Abandons More Election Promises 

A week after it was revealed that the Liberal government was seeking renovations to their own offices, estimated to cost up to $400,000, the Official Opposition once again pushed the government for details on their budget and spending priorities.

Over the course of the week, the Official Opposition peppered the Liberal government with questions on topics such as forestry development in Southeast Yukon, broken promises on supporting the information technology and innovation sector, as well as the lack of support for seniors’ housing in rural Yukon.

However, it was the Premier’s carbon tax scheme that once again took the front seat in Question Period for Week 5. 

Last week, a senior federal official confirmed that despite the Premier claiming otherwise, it is possible for Yukon to receive exemptions to the carbon tax. When pressed on why he failed to mention that in the past six months, and whether or not he would now be seeking to negotiate exemptions, the Premier refused and instead chose to defend the carbon tax.

On Wednesday, the Minister of Health confirmed that her government has not committed any funding to support social and seniors’ housing in Haines Junction. This despite the fact the Liberal government prioritized renovations to their own political offices that may have cost taxpayers $400,000.

Also on Wednesday, Lake Laberge MLA Brad Cathers brought forward a motion asking for an All-Party Committee to conduct a review on building standards and inspections, including ensuring people are not evicted for minor, non-safety related permit violations in the future, as well as establishing a timely and effective appeal process. The government rejected this constructive suggestion and voted it down.

It was another bad week for the Minister of Highways and Public Works, after he made it clear that his party’s platform commitment to develop a five-year funding plan for technology and innovation was not a priority. Earlier in the week it was discovered he had been playing fast and loose with the tendering of contracts, tendering a significant project before the environmental assessments had been completed.

The Official Opposition will continue to push hard for answers and hold the government accountable for the numerous promises they continue to break.


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