Week 3 Summary

Government Plays Blame Game and Tries to Shut Down Debate; Official Opposition Highlights Liberal Lack of Transparency

WHITEHORSE – Last week, the Official Opposition pressed the government on their growing list of broken promises, poor fiscal management, and their unwillingness to take responsibility for their own decisions. 

The week began with another broken Liberal promise to the small business community. As was highlighted by the Official Opposition, the Liberal platform promised to “increase the ceiling for the Yukon Small Business Investment Tax Credit from $1 million to $5 million and increase the asset limit to allow larger companies to qualify.” Unfortunately this was not in the government’s budget.

The Minister of Education was asked about why she blamed school councils for a delay in issuing school calendars even though councils have stated the Minister’s claims were incorrect. When asked to clarify comments that were refuted by four school councils in a letter to her, she became defensive and did not take responsibility.

The Official Opposition also pressed the government on its plans for oil and gas development, hunting permits, and the Southern Lake enhancement for energy storage which could include raising the levels of our lakes.

The issue of fentanyl and opioids was brought to the forefront by MLAs McLeod and Van Bibber. A motion was tabled by the Official Opposition asking the government to develop a curriculum to educate Yukon students on the dangers of opioid abuse.

National news agencies reported that the Premier’s carbon tax scheme will mimic the Alberta model, which does not return 100% of the revenues to families and businesses as the Premier promised.

Finally, the week wrapped up with general debate on the Premier’s high debt budget.

MLA Cathers brought up a number of issues such as the Premier’s desire to alter the debt cap to go further in debt and the government’s unwillingness to provide details on the carbon tax. Under heavy questioning the government attempted to shut down debate several times.

The Official Opposition will continue to hold the government to account even if the government refuses to answer questions.


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