Week 2 Legislature Summary

Official Opposition Presses Government on Plunging Yukon into Big Debt and Refusal to Provide Details on Financial Advisory Panel

WHITEHORSE – The second full week of the Spring 2017 Legislative Sitting was the first full week that the Liberal Government had to defend their plan for big debt and big deficit. 

Over the course of the week, the Premier was asked multiple times by the Official Opposition for a timeline on when he will stop running deficits and get Yukon out of debt. Unfortunately, the Premier was unable to provide an answer.

The Premier was also asked multiple times if he would commit to not running debt higher than the $216 million he is currently planning. Again, the Premier was unable to commit to this.

In his budget speech, the Premier announced that he has assembled a Financial Advisory Panel that he said will help Yukoners have “a real conversation about choices” with regards to budgeting in the future. This week, the Official Opposition asked the Premier multiple times to share with Yukoners what “choices” he has tasked the Panel to look at, and received no clear answers. After telling the Legislative Assembly that he knows what the options are and committing to share this information with the Official Opposition, he still has not done so. Instead of answering questions and being transparent about what this panel is considering, the Premier has chosen to ignore and deflect.

The Official Opposition also asked why, post-earthquake, the government was able to get the Whitehorse schools open days before the Ross River School, to which the government provided no answer. 

Finally, the Official Opposition raised an issue in the House regarding drug and alcohol abuse support in the communities. 122 days ago the Opposition asked the Minister of Health for a list of services provided in Watson Lake and the Government has still not responded to this request. When pressed in the House to improve these services in the communities and to give a timeline as to when the Opposition could expect an answer to its original request, the Minister refused.



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