Two Days Away from Legalization, Liberals Unable to Answer Important Questions

WHITEHORSE – With just two days left until the legalization of cannabis in Canada, the Yukon Liberal government is unable to provide answers to Yukoners with respect to workplace health and safety as well as enforcement.

When asked clear, specific questions by the Official Opposition, several Liberal Ministers were unable to provide clear answers.

“The fact that we are two days away from legalization and the Ministers are unable to answer important questions that they should know the answers to is concerning for Yukoners,” stated Stacey Hassard, Leader of the Official Opposition. “The Ministers are accountable to this Legislature and they have had plenty of time to get briefed on this file. They should be on top of their files and able to answer these questions in the House.”

Here is a list of the questions that the government was unable to answer:

  • What are the responsibilities and liabilities for employers with respect to potential impairment from marijuana at the workplace?
  • What help will the government provide to help employers determine impairment with regard to legal cannabis?
  • In the case of workplace incident investigations, what tools will be used to determine whether cannabis impairment was a factor?
  • What is the government’s plan to ensure accurate, consistent, and reliable road side testing for cannabis impairment?
  • What is the government doing to ensure the Yukon’s RCMP have the tools they need to enforce the new cannabis laws?
  • How many Drug Recognition Experts are currently in Yukon and how many will be needed or added over the next 5 years?
  • What workplace rules and procedures are being put in place to ensure that Government of Yukon employees operating heavy machinery are not doing so under the influence of cannabis?
  • Will Government of Yukon employees have to submit to tests if they are suspected of being under the influence of cannabis?
  • Has the Government of Yukon provided any training or information to public service employees about their obligations once cannabis becomes legalized?


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