Timing of Yukon NDP Election Act amendments raises questions

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Timing of Yukon NDP Election Act amendments raises questions

  • Elections Act amendments were just completed last fall to provide clarity for everyone in advance of this year’s election
  • Amendments were unanimously identified and passed by all parties


WHITEHORSE—The Yukon Party Caucus is questioning the timing of a Bill tabled today by the NDP that would amend the Elections Act and is asking why they waited for an election year to bring this proposal forward.

“There have been multiple opportunities for the NDP to bring forward this type of proposal over the past two years, including when the Elections Act was amended four months ago,” Government House Leader Darius Elias said. “That the NDP has waited until an election year to bring this proposal forward is telling.”

In a motion tabled today, Elias outlined the numerous opportunities that the NDP had to bring forward this proposal over the past years including when the Chief Electoral Officer of Yukon conducted a review of the Elections Act and sought input from political parties, when the all-party Member Services Board reviewed the Chief Electoral Officer’s recommendations and agreed on amendments, or when amendments to the Elections Act were put forward for debate in the Legislature.

“The Yukon Party is open to discussing further reform of the Elections Act, but we’re disappointed in the unilateral approach taken by the NDP,” said Currie Dixon, a member of the all-party Member Services Board. “The approach we have taken with regards to the fundamental law that governs our elections is that changes should have broad, multi-party support and that no one party should unilaterally attempt to force through changes that affect how Yukoners select their representatives.”


Dan Macdonald
Caucus Communications
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