Liberal Government Doesn’t Commit to Provide Support to Children with Type 1 Diabetes

WHITEHORSE – Yesterday, MLA for Copperbelt South Scott Kent brought the concerns of families caring for children with type 1 diabetes to the Legislative Assembly. 

In Question Period, Kent highlighted requests that parents of these children have been making to Health and Social Services Minister Pauline Frost since the beginning of the year, regarding funding support for Constant Glucose Monitoring devices, which are not currently covered by the government.

“I was disappointed that the Minister would not commit to support families that need these devices, or even commit to meet with the families to hear their concerns,” stated Kent.

Constant Glucose Monitoring (CGM) is intended to ease the stress and burden that type 1 diabetes has placed on families as it reads and transmits glucose levels from a wearable device.  As Kent stated, children are sometimes unable to verbalize when something does not feel right in their bodies, especially with diabetes, so this equipment has been invaluable to parents and guardians.

“When I wrote to the Minister in February, I presented the idea of initiating a pilot program for children to use CGM,” added Kent. “Not only would the pilot alleviate financial stress on these families funding CGM out of pocket, but it would also develop local first-hand evidence which could help inform a government decision on whether to fund this equipment long term.”

When asked by Kent in Question Period about her negative response to his suggestion, and about whether she would at least consider exploring funding options for CGM devices, Minister Frost still refused to commit to supporting it and still refused to organize a meeting with the families.

“There are a number of Yukon families with small children suffering from Type 1 diabetes, who all share a common goal for their children.” Kent added. “The Yukon Liberals ran their election with a tag line of ‘Be Heard’, and yet many of these parents don’t believe they are being heard on this request at all.”


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