Still No Details for Yukoners on the Implementation of Premier’s Carbon Tax Scheme

WHITEHORSE - After almost 400 days since being elected, Premier Silver still has yet to provide any details as to how he plans to implement the carbon tax scheme he signed onto. 

The Official Opposition has been asking the Liberal government to share the details of their carbon tax scheme since the Premier signed on to it last December. This week, Official Opposition Leader Stacey Hassard asked the Premier what the financial impacts will be on Yukon families, how much emissions will be reduced by, and whether certain essential items such as groceries would be exempted. Instead of clear answers, every question was met with finger-pointing and deflection.

“The carbon tax scheme that the Premier signed on to in December of last year is scheduled to be implemented in 2018 and he still hasn’t provided any details on how it will work,” stated Stacey Hassard, interim leader of the Official Opposition. “We are now almost 400 days into this Premier’s mandate and it’s time for him to stop playing the blame game and start providing answers to Yukoners.”

The Official Opposition has been clear that Yukon needs to do its part to address climate change but that there are better ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the territory without increasing costs for families. These include initiatives such as investments in energy retrofits for government buildings or energy incentive programs for residential and commercial buildings. 

The Official Opposition will continue to press this Liberal government for details on how it intends to return 100% of the revenues to Yukon families and businesses.


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