Still No Answers from Government on Cost of Carbon Tax

WHITEHORSE - In Question Period today, the Official Opposition continued to press the government on what analysis, if any, they have done with regards to the economic impacts the carbon tax will have on Yukon businesses and families.

“The Premier continues to dodge the question about why he hasn’t done an analysis on the impacts of his carbon tax scheme on Yukon families and businesses,” stated Official Opposition Leader Stacey Hassard. “With the carbon tax only 8 months away from being implemented, he needs to show some leadership, get to work and tell Yukoners how much this carbon tax will cost them.”

In the House, the Premier has reiterated his previous comments to media that this carbon tax will make it more expensive for people to visit Yukon. However, when pressed on whether or not he did an analysis on how this will impact the tourism sector or how much more expensive it would be for people to visit Yukon, he provided no answer.

“This is a government that has promised ‘evidence-based decision making',” added Economic Development critic Scott Kent. “We’ve now learned that the government signed onto a carbon tax scheme without any analysis on the financial impacts on families, so why did the Premier not make this decision based on evidence?”

The increase in cost of living is an issue that affects all Yukoners. While the Premier tries to point fingers, he was the one who signed onto a carbon tax scheme in December. The Official Opposition will continue to hold the government to account for the decisions that they have made.


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