Still No Action from Liberals on Daylight Saving Time

WHITEHORSE - Almost 8 months after the Legislature unanimously passed a Yukon Party motion urging the government to investigate the removal of Daylight Saving Time, the Liberals have not only done nothing on this file, but have even gone so far as to criticize the Official Opposition for bringing up the issue on behalf of Yukoners.

This motion stemmed from an Association of Yukon Communities resolution at their AGM in 2017 where they requested the government to work with them to investigate the case for eliminating Daylight Saving Time. 

When the original motion passed in the Legislature the Liberals amended it to remove any reference to consultation or commitment to timelines.

"I am disappointed, but not surprised, that the Liberals have not followed up on their commitment to investigate this," said Wade Istchenko MLA for Kluane. "This is an issue that many Yukoners care about and I wish that instead of laughing this off as something no one cares about, that the Liberals would actually start listening and taking the priorities of Yukoners seriously."


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