Statistics Show Spike in Public Sector Growth

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                                                                    January 26, 2023

WHITEHORSE –The latest job numbers from the Yukon Bureau of Statistics (YBS), show that over the past six years, the number of jobs in the public sector has shot up, while numbers in the private sector shrink.

Statistics from the YBS say in November 2016 when the Liberals were first elected, there were just under 9,000 public sector employees and over 13,000 in the private and self-employed sectors. Six years later, the number of public sector workers has increased by 1,900, while the number of Yukoners working in the private sector decreased by 900.

“We have heard over the past few years from the private sector about the difficulties they are facing when it comes to attracting employees,” said Economic Development Critic Geraldine Van Bibber. “From an economic standpoint, this is a startling trend for anyone who values a vibrant private sector and for the multitude of Yukon businesses that contribute so much to our economy. We can only hope this trend reverses itself soon.”

The Yukon Party Official Opposition suggests the Liberal government take a good look at why the public sector is growing so much and listen to the concerns of the private sector who are struggling to keep up.

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You can find the YBS Job Numbers for November 2016 here.

Total Employed 22,100

Public Sector Employees: 8,800

Private (and Self-Employed) Employees: 13,300


You can find the YBS Job Numbers for November 2022 here.

Total Employed 23,100

Public Sector Employees: 10,700

Private (and Self-Employed) Employees: 12,400


In the past 6 years:

Public Sector Employees: +1,900

Private Sector Employees: - 900