Statistics Canada Census Misses Counting 2,326 Yukoners

WHITEHORSE – The Official Opposition is calling on the Yukon Government to challenge the 2016 Census estimate of the Yukon’s population. If Statistics Canada’s population estimate is accepted, estimates show that in future fiscal years the Yukon could lose out on over $56.9 million in Territorial Formula Financing funding per year.

The Territorial Formula Financing (TFF) Agreement uses estimated population as part of calculating the annual funding provided to Yukon. Statistics Canada claims the Yukon’s population is just 35,874. However, Yukon Bureau of Statistics numbers show that our territory is home to 38,200 people as of September 2016, which is 2,326 people more than counted by Statistics Canada.

“Statistics Canada’s 2016 Census appears to have missed counting over 2,300 Yukon citizens,” stated Brad Cathers, Official Opposition Finance Critic and MLA for Lake Laberge.  “If the 2016 Census undercount is left unchallenged, Yukon could lose out on millions of dollars of federal funding that could be spent on priorities such as health care and infrastructure.”

“Previously, the Yukon government has succeeded in convincing the federal government that our territory’s population was undercounted by census takers,” added Cathers. “We are calling on the Yukon government to challenge this undercount and to task officials to work on identifying Yukon citizens who were missed during the 2016 Census.”

Following the 2006 Census, the Yukon Government took steps to build a case for revising the population estimate including reviewing territorial government records, and issuing a call for Yukoners who thought they might have missed by the census to contact the Yukon Bureau of Statistics. The Official Opposition is now urging the government to recognize the need to take similar action to ensure that Yukon receives the total transfer that it should.


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