Statement from the Yukon Party Caucus on one year of Russia’s Unjust Invasion of Ukraine

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                                                                  February 23, 2023

“Friday marks one year since Vladimir Putin launched an unprovoked and unjust invasion of the free and democratic nation of Ukraine. Many thought it would take just two days for Russia to conquer Ukraine. However, Ukraine has not only held off but also pushed back their invaders.

“Across the Atlantic and often unaffected by the war, we cannot forget that the fighting continues. Canada and the world must continue to support our friends so when the war finally ends, Ukrainians can live in peace on their own terms.

“I also question Canada’s failure to expel the Russian Ambassador at the start of the conflict. He continues to spread Russian propaganda, even recently claiming Canada is ‘a very dangerous country for Russian citizens’.

“On this occasion, we gather and mourn the tragedies the Ukrainian people have endured over the past year. However, we also celebrate their unwavering resolve to stand against a global bully and rogue nation, shining a beacon of hope for democracy, freedom, and human rights. I know peace, democracy, and the rule of law will prevail.”

--Official Opposition Leader Currie Dixon


“I would like to thank those Ukrainian Yukoners who have organized the shipment and delivery of medical and other supplies to Ukraine. Your efforts are appreciated here at home and abroad.

“I would also like to thank the Yukon government for their continued support of the Ukraine Help Desk. It is proving to be a valuable resource for people impacted by the war in Ukraine.

“We do not know when this unjust war will end, so I call on the Yukon government to continue offering the Ukraine Help Desk service for the foreseeable future. I also urge the government to continue efforts to welcome Ukrainian refugees to the Yukon.

“I know Yukoners will do our part to help Ukrainians in their time of need.”

--Economic Development Critic Geraldine Van Bibber