Spring Legislative Sitting Wraps Up with Lack of Answers and Lack of Decorum from the Government

WHITEHORSE – The spring Legislative sitting wrapped up on Tuesday. During the 30 day sitting the Official Opposition held the government to account for their decisions over the past few months. 

The Official Opposition highlighted concerns with the Liberal plan to put Yukon deep into debt and the government’s growing list of broken promises.

Official Opposition MLAs asked about issues of concern to their riding and constituents, as well as issues that affect all Yukoners. These questions were often met with patronization, deflection, finger pointing, and refusals to answer.

“We have been asking reasonable questions that Yukoners have brought forward to us, yet most of the time we did not receive a reasonable answer,” said Stacey Hassard, Leader of the Official Opposition. “Our role in Official Opposition is to advocate for respect to taxpayers and fiscal responsibility here in the territory and it’s unfortunate to see this government minimize the issues brought forward in the House while refusing to be open and accountable with Yukoners.”

It was made clear in the House that with 6 and a half months until the implementation of the Premier’s carbon tax scheme, the government is still not interested in providing details about what this tax will look like, how it will impact the economy, what exemptions they are negotiating, and whether Yukoners will get back all the money they will pay extra with this tax. 

Quick Facts:

  • The Liberals tabled a budget that will put Yukon in $216 million in debt.
  • The Liberals broke their promise to tender seasonally-dependent contracts by March 31.
  • The Liberals broke their promise to eliminate the small business tax and increase the ceiling for the small business tax credit.
  • Despite the Premier claiming that there was no such thing as exemptions to the carbon tax, the federal government refuted the claim in May, stating that all options, including exemptions, were on the table.
  • Other broken promises include refusal to commit to pave the Dawson runway and failure to provide emergency housing to Ross River.


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