Investment in Rural Yukon Not a Priority for Yukon Liberals

WHITEHORSE – Last month, Watson Lake MLA Patti McLeod tabled a petition signed by 373 Yukoners which asks the government to install highway lighting on a section of the Robert Campbell Highway. In the Liberal’s response to the petition, they again refused to invest in this important project.

This is not the first time that this issue has been raised as a priority for the community of Watson Lake. Along with numerous letters and emails sent by MLA McLeod dating back to January 2017, the municipal government, the local First Nation, the Chamber of Commerce, residents of the community and the RCMP have all raised the lack of lighting in that area as a safety concern.

“I thank the residents that signed this petition for continuing to raise the matter of lighting along the Robert Campbell Highway as an area of importance to us,” stated McLeod. “It is unfortunate that despite the demonstrated support in the community for this project, the Liberals still do not see it as a worthy investment.”

Along with giving the Premier a raise, here’s a list of things the Yukon Liberals have prioritized spending taxpayers’ money on:

  • Spending $255,000 to increase the budget for Liberal political staff
  • Spending $500,000 on a logo and website to “rebrand” the government
  • Spending $120,000 to spray water in the air in Dawson City
  • Spending $200,000 on a second failed attempt to create an ice bridge
  • Spending $3 million on creating their government-run cannabis corporation
  • Spending $150,000 to study connecting to the BC Grid when an earlier study already said it was infeasible


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