A Statement by the Official Opposition in Response to the Federal Budget

WHITEHORSE – In response to the tabling of the 2017/18 federal budget, Official Opposition Leader Stacey Hassard released the following statement:

“Upon initial review of the 2017/18 federal budget, the Official Opposition is disappointed to see that it does not restore the $32 million in cuts over 5 years to Yukon through Territorial Formula Financing (TFF). Despite work from the previous government to restore a portion of the federal cuts last year, Yukoners still face a loss of $6.5 million annually.

“While we are encouraged to see the budget dedicate some money for northern housing and the Territorial Health Investment Fund, the amount of only $2.1 million a year for housing in the territory does not make up for the federal government’s cuts to the TFF or health transfers. Further, we are concerned that there is still no mention of specific funding being made available for medical travel.

“As Yukon is already anticipating a deficit budget, these continued shortcomings only add insult to injury.

“It’s time for the federal government to stop thinking of Yukon as an afterthought, and for the Yukon government to start prioritizing the needs of Yukoners and their families, rather than going along with Ottawa for the ride.

“We look forward to seeing how the territorial government plans to build their first budget with a transfer cut that will only deepen their already planned deficit.”



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