Recent Issues Reinforce Calls for Independent Audit of Hunting Permit Lottery System

WHITEHORSE – Recent issues with the Yukon Permit Hunt Authorization System are further reason that the Minister must hold an independent audit of the lottery system.

Hunters successful in 2018-19 hunting permit lottery were notified on July 3.

Shortly afterwards Yukoners were notified that the issued permits had been retracted and that a new lottery would take place. This has rightfully raised concerns amongst hunters and outfitters.

Last year MLA Wade Istchenko wrote a letter to the Minister of Environment requesting the Minister to launch an independent audit of the permit hunt lottery system to address and prevent issues such as what has occurred last week.

“Unfortunately the Minister has been missing in action all summer on a number of key issues throughout her portfolios including several hunting issues,” said Istchenko. “It’s time for the Minister to step up and start giving some answers to Yukoners.”

The recommendation for an audit comes directly from hunters and outfitters.

“With these most recent issues there is no better time to start an independent audit to ensure the system is serving Yukon hunters fairly and that these errors don’t happen in the future,” added Istchenko.

Last month, Istchenko wrote a letter to the Minister with a number of questions regarding how hunters will be impacted by the Ross River Dena Council notice for hunting permissions within its traditional territory. The Minister has yet to respond.


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