Questions Remain For Premier After Star Candidate Pleads Guilty for Elections Act Violations

Whitehorse – Today a star candidate from Premier Silver’s election campaign team became the first person found guilty of violations against Yukon’s Elections Act. 

In response to these developments the Premier issued the following statement:

“When serious questions are raised about whether a candidate for elected office
 has followed the rules, they must be addressed.”

Unfortunately the Premier has not lived up to his own words. For almost two years the Premier has dodged serious questions regarding his campaign’s conduct with respect to these charges. Here are some outstanding questions that the Premier has been asked in Question Period but has so far refused to provide an answer to Yukoners:

  • Did the Premier or anyone from the campaign review the rules with the candidate prior to or during the election?

  • Was the candidate advised by anyone on the campaign team that these actions were okay?

  • Did anyone else on the Liberal campaign use proxy voting improperly?

  • Why, when the Premier learned that this candidate had, in the words of his campaign chair, made a mistake and violated the Elections Act, did he choose to ignore calls for her dismissal?


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