Premier Silver Refuses to Stand Up for Small Businesses

WHITEHORSE – Today, before Question Period, the Official Opposition brought forward an urgent motion to stand up for small businesses, farmers, placer miners, and medical practitioners against the federal government’s unfair tax changes. 

Last week the Yukon Liberal government told the small business community that they have their back and will ask the federal government to extend their consultations on the tax changes. Despite this commitment to the business community the Liberals have now decided to stand up for Ottawa instead of Yukon businesses.

“What a difference a week makes. Last week the Liberals said they would ask for an extended consultation to the federal government’s small business tax hike. This week they are now defending the federal Liberals and saying that a longer consultation would be bad,” said Official Opposition Leader Stacey Hassard. “Just like they did on the carbon tax, the Premier is rolling over to Ottawa and failing to defend the interests of Yukoners.”

The very reasonable motion called on the federal Liberal government to extend the length of the consultation beyond the originally planned 75 days. An extended consultation was a request that came directly from over 100 Yukon business owners that attended the chamber meeting last week.

With unanimous support this motion could have been debated and passed today. Instead, the government chose to adjourn the House early.

“The federal Liberal government is currently proposing to implement one of the largest changes to the tax system in decades, and the Yukon Liberals aren’t willing to join us in standing up for Yukon small businesses and asking for an extended consultation period,” added Hassard.



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