Premier Silver Needs to Stand Up for Yukon in Growing Trade Dispute

WHITEHORSE – The Official Opposition is asking the Premier to protect Yukoners from potential negative effects from the Government of Alberta’s Bill 12, Preserving Canada’s Economic Prosperity Act. The legislation allows the Alberta government to restrict or stop the export of fuel from the province.

Unfortunately the Premier skipped this week’s Western Premiers Conference which was a prime opportunity for him to defend Yukon’s interests.

This spring, Official Opposition Finance Critic Brad Cathers tabled a motion bringing this issue to the government’s attention:

“THAT this House urges the Yukon government to work with the governments of Alberta and British Columbia to ensure that Yukon is not negatively impacted by the trade war between these provinces, including any restrictions on fuel shipped from Alberta through British Columbia to Yukon.”

This week, Cathers wrote a letter to Premier Silver asking what he has done to ensure the supply of fuel to the Yukon will not be negatively impacted. 

“With the growing trade dispute between British Columbia and Alberta, and our territory’s reliance on fuels shipped from those provinces, the Premier should not have skipped this week’s Premiers’ conference where he could have raised this issue directly with his colleagues,” said Cathers. “Although the Official Opposition raised this issue over a month ago, we’ve heard no word from Premier Silver on whether his government has taken any action to protect Yukoners.”


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