Premier Silver Needs to Stand Up for Yukon Against Ottawa’s Tax Hike On Small Businesses

WHITEHORSE - Yukon’s Official Opposition is calling on Premier Silver to stand up to his federal Liberal cousins and oppose proposed tax changes that will negatively impact Yukoners.

The Official Opposition has heard from many concerned Yukoners, including small business owners and medical practitioners, about how these proposed changes to the federal tax system will negatively impact them. As a result, the Official Opposition wrote to the federal government on September 18 asking them to abandon their plans and go back to the drawing board.

“I’m concerned that Premier Silver has not spoken up on behalf of Yukoners on this issue by opposing this tax grab that will hurt small businesses,” said Stacey Hassard, interim leader of the Official Opposition. “The Premier will be meeting with the Prime Minister on October 3rd and instead of rolling over as he did on the carbon tax, health transfers, and Ottawa’s unilateral ban of offshore development, he needs to stand up for Yukon.”

Three Premiers, including the Liberal Premiers of Newfoundland and Nova Scotia, have already spoken out publicly against these changes.

“We are concerned this tax increase will hurt the economy and discourage entrepreneurship in the territory,” added Scott Kent, the Official Opposition Critic for Economic Development. “Unfortunately these changes are in addition to a number of broken elections promises by both the federal government and Premier Silver’s government to support small businesses in Yukon.”

Quick Facts:

  • Premier Silver broke his promise to eliminate the territorial small business tax rate by July 1, 2017 and to increase the ceiling for the Yukon Small Business Investment Tax Credit from $1 million to $5 million.
  • The federal Liberal government has failed to live up to its election promise to reduce the federal small business tax rate from 11% to 9%.


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