Premier Refuses to Fight for Carbon Tax Exemption for Yukon Trucking Industry

WHITEHORSE – Premier Silver has made it clear to Yukon’s trucking industry that he is not willing to fight for a carbon tax exemption for them.

Recently a local trucking company raised concerns about the impact of the carbon tax on their bottom line. This company estimated that the carbon tax scheme will cost their company $147,000 in the first year alone. They highlighted that the Yukon Liberal government has not been forthcoming with details on how the scheme will work.

They further highlighted that the carbon tax exemption for the aviation sector will create a competitive disadvantage for their industry as airlines compete directly with the trucking industry for the transport of freight. This summer the Premier bragged about fighting for this exemption for the aviation sector.

“It’s disappointing that the Premier has refused to provide key details on the carbon tax scheme for over two years while also picking winners and losers by not fighting for all industries to get exemptions,” said Stacey Hassard, Leader of the Official Opposition.

When asked to co-sign a letter to the Minister of Environment and Climate Change Canada asking for an exemption to the trucking industry, the Premier deflected and refused to answer the question.

“Recently a member of the Premier’s own Financial Advisory Panel said that the ball is in Yukon’s court in terms of how to design the carbon tax rebate scheme, so it is unfortunate that the Liberals are ignoring the concerns of local businesses,” added Hassard.  “If the Premier was serious about ensuring the burden of this carbon tax scheme does not hurt local businesses, he would put partisanship aside and sign this letter standing up for Yukon’s trucking industry.”


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