Premier Recognizes Yukon Party’s Strong Financial Management

WHITEHORSE - In a release issued by the Premier on October 2, the Government finally recognized the good financial management of the Yukon Party.  

The government release references the Standard and Poor’s (S&P) credit rating system and states:

“Yukon has maintained a ‘AA’ credit rating for eight consecutive years.”

To explain how Yukon has maintained a AA credit rating for so long, the Premier explains:

“As in previous years, strengths highlighted in the report for Yukon include good financial management, low debt levels and strong liquidity.”

“We are happy that Premier Silver would take the time to highlight the good financial management of the former Yukon Party government, and we thank him for his kind words,” said Official Opposition Finance Critic Brad Cathers. “We are pleased that the Premier was able to put partisanship aside and acknowledge the hard work of the previous government.”


You can find a copy of the Government’s press release here:  


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