Premier Needs to Put Yukoners First on Trip to Ottawa

WHITEHORSE – Tomorrow the Premier will be in Ottawa to meet with several federal Ministers. The Official Opposition is calling on him to take the opportunity and stand up for Yukoners by raising concerns with several federal initiatives that will negatively impact Yukon families.

First the Premier needs to express concerns that Bill C-71, An Act to amend certain Acts and Regulations in relation to firearms, will negatively impact law-abiding Yukon hunters and trappers. Bill C-71 does nothing to address the goal of reducing organized crime and gun violence in Canada while putting further burden on lawful gun owners such as hunters. Bill C-71 is currently in 2nd Reading in the Senate.

Second the Premier needs to express concern over the recent Global News report that the federal government, through Stats Can, is attempting to get access to financial transaction data and personal information of 500,000 Canadians without their knowledge.

According to Global News: “The personal banking and financial transactions being requested include bill payments, cash withdrawals from ATMs, credit card payments, electronic money transfers and even account balances of Canadians across the country.” Further the report states that the federal government wants to be able to link this information to personal information such as Social Insurance Numbers, Name, Date of Birth, Address, and Gender. The Official Opposition is concerned about the potential privacy implications this will have on Yukoners.

“The Premier has an opportunity to stop being the voice for Ottawa in Yukon and to start putting Yukoners first,” said Stacey Hassard leader of the Official Opposition. “We know that as a rule he is afraid to criticize federal government decisions that are not good for the North but we do hope that he raises these real and valid concerns about how federal policies are impacting the Yukon.”


  • Previous unsuccessful trips to Ottawa include December 2016 when the Premier traveled to Ottawa and only came back to Yukon with a carbon tax.
  • On April 9th, Yukon’s Official Opposition tabled a motion urging the Government of Canada to remove provisions of Bill C-71 that create a new long gun registry and to consult with Yukoners before any legislation passes.
  • On April 24th, after Premier Silver refused to stand up for Yukoners, the Yukon Party sent a letter to the Prime Minister asking for Yukoners to be consulted on any gun legislation before it goes forward.
  • On May 24th, the Federal Liberal Government used their majority on the Standing Committee on Public Safety and National Security to vote down a motion calling two Yukon witnesses to testify on Bill C-71
  • On September 28th, Yukon’s Member of Parliament ignored the voices of those Yukoners concerned with Bill C-71 and failed to show up to vote on the legislation.


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