Premier Highlights Yukon Party's Plan to Tackle Climate Change without a Carbon Tax

Now, yes, the members opposite (Yukon Party) had a plan as far as trying to reduce emissions, but the members opposite never had a plan for putting a price on carbon."

– Premier Silver, Yukon Legislative Assembly, November 15, 2018

WHITEHORSE - The Yukon Premier is giving a shout out to the Yukon Party for their comprehensive plan to address climate change by reducing emissions and growing the economy without increasing the cost of everything with a carbon tax.

“I want to be the first to thank the Premier for highlighting the Yukon Party’s comprehensive plan to address climate change and reduce greenhouse gas emissions,” said Stacey Hassard, Leader of the Official Opposition. “As he highlighted, the Yukon Party’s plan was to reduce emissions without raising the costs of everything by forcing a carbon tax on Yukon families. We are proud that our plan was an environmental policy focused on action instead of a taxation policy like the Liberal plan.”

During the election the Yukon Party committed to:

  • Make record investments in energy retrofits which would reduce government emissions by more than 15% while saving taxpayers millions of dollars in energy costs
  • Invest in more electric vehicles for government while installing electric vehicle charging stations around Whitehorse
  • Continue and enhance support for the Good Energy, Residential Energy Incentive and Commercial Energy Incentive programs
  • Invest in planning for potential smaller hydroelectric sites and identify other potential areas to help address energy needs territory-wide
  • Invest in renewable energy solutions such as solar, wind and biomass, as well as utilizing LNG to replace diesel generation for medium-term solutions
  • Create a public education campaign to better inform Yukoners of their personal energy use


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