Premier Gets Failing Grade from His Own Department; Still Demands Pay Raise

WHITEHORSE – While the Liberals seek to give the Premier a pay raise, the leaked results of a public service engagement survey show that confidence in the senior leadership of the Liberal government has dropped drastically since 2016.

According to the leaked results of the survey from the Executive Council Office (ECO), of which the Premier is the most senior leader, confidence in senior leadership has plummeted from 80% in 2016 to 49% in 2018.

“After two years in office, confidence of the Premier’s own leadership has dropped to lower than 50% within his own department,” said Stacey Hassard, leader of the Official Opposition. “We regularly hear, they can’t make decisions, they are too reactive, their priorities change on a daily basis, or they throw officials under the bus.”

The results of these employee engagement surveys are usually released publicly. However, due to these embarrassing results the Liberals have buried them.

Other stats from the survey include:

  • Only 32% of ECO staff believe that this government’s senior leadership provides clear direction for the future; a drop from 68% in 2016
  • Only 30% of staff believe that senior leadership clearly communicates changing priorities to them, a decrease from 63% in 2016; and
  • Only 28% of employees believe that essential information flows effectively from senior leadership to staff, compared to 64% in 2016

“Ask any other Yukoner and they’ll tell you that job performance is directly tied to whether or not an employee deserves a raise,” added Hassard. “So after receiving failing grades for his job performance, and at a time he is telling departments to tighten their belts, how is it fair that the Premier insists on a pay raise for himself?"


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